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Emergencies like car accidents, or bills that pile up, happens all the time.But what to do when they happen exactly at the time you are short of cash? One of the solutions can be to use services of Direct Pay Day lenders. This way you can receive the loan quicker and cheaper since you don’t have to pay any fees.

The procedure with direct payday lenders goes this way. You choose the refferal firm and submit your loan papers to them. The papers need to be accepted and approved. After they are approved you will be given the option to choose the direct payday lender with whom you will close the deal.

This all usually happens very quickly. So the procedure seems quite simple, much simpler and faster than the other proceedings for getting the loan. However, there are some disadvatages of this procedure.

We’ll analyse advantages and disadvantages of direct payday lenders.

The direct payday loans process involves less individuals than other procedures of getting the loan so the access to your personal financial data is reduced.

This is one of their major advantages. You don’t have to worry about security issues in the aspect of your information. Direct payday lenders usually do not dispose their client’s personal information to any company or other institution. Your information is kept as strictly confidential. All this gives you a greater control over your accounts.

Another major advantage of direct payday lenders is that loans are settled in a very short period of time so they are very suitable for emergency cases, when you need the money fast. The loans can be settled during holidays and off banking hours, even at night, since they have staff available online 24 hours a day. The whole process of money transfer is done through online bank accounts of the borrower so the borrower has the access to the money as soon as the loan is approved without any waiting in lines in the banks.

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