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The old adage ‘you can’t take it with you’ is particularly ironic in today’s economy, wherein financial worries and stress are causing serious, and often fatal, health issues for Americans. In times of economic downturn, it is common to see individuals and families turn to credit card and payday loan companies to secure payday loans and finance their needs, adding stress to their lives when the bill comes due. Furthermore, stress over financial issues is accentuated by interest rates and fees, and, due to the nature of these types of credit advances, the borrower often gets caught in a cycle of re-borrowing just to stay afloat. Clearly, such a cycle causes serious financial strain; borrowers who rely on such services often find themselves even more in debt and trapped by payments that they can’t afford, leading to long term financial issues.

Indeed payday loan services only treat the symptoms of financial health issues, rather than providing a cure. Relying on quick cash option may prove to be even more detrimental than one may initially presume, however, affecting not only one’s financial security but one’s physical and mental health.

Approximately seven in ten Americans admit to experiencing high-levels of stress about finances. While some stress is normal and healthy, experiencing consistent, recurring distress can put one’s health at risk. Studies have shown that depression and sleeping issues, such as insomnia and fatigue, are associated with high levels of financial stress. Increased anxiety levels and panic attacks are also associated prolonged financial stress, and alcoholism is often correlated with both anxiety and depression.

While bad enough in their own rights, depression and anxiety are not the only health issues related to elevated stress levels. According to an article on Web MD, stress can influence health in more dramatic ways, as it linked with many fatal diseases including cancer, liver cirrhosis, heart disease, and lung ailments. Since finances are a leading cause of stress, it is evident that controlling one’s finances may help one maintain his/her physical and mental health.

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